Is Opening Stock in STOCK ENTRY account error

I am trying to enter opening stock using material request in fresh copy of erpnext , now the issue is the when i trying post it is saying Difference Account Must be Assest Libility , now can someone please guide me from where to set this account as i am unable to find that.

First open item table to know which account ( at the end of row item click in row ,it will open to you more details
At the end of this form you will found your account )
To change account type go to
Accountant- chart of account - select any account you want to change it - click edit - and change account type

bundle of thanks you are a life savior

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You Are Welcome :grinning:

I am strugling with another error , I am trying to an invoice from POS and it says

I have set an account in POS Profile as well as company level but sorry cant figure out how to change that please help

Please check the type of account you have selected. On the first glance, it seems that account you set was a Payable and not a receivable account

it is solved thanks alot

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Can you please share how did you solve it. It will help another who will be facing the same issue.

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Move the account from the income to current assests, and then click on customers and add the account there. The account of income should be of receiveable type and as well as a account of balance sheet which falls under the assests , not the income.

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