Is Project from Sale order possible with preset tasks added to it?

How can i create Project from a sale order with predefined tasks instead of Item lines copied over to tasks which is not useful in my case

Not configurable for now. Item and Task are two different masters, hence they cannot be mapped in the same table.

To quickly create new Project, you can quickly duplicate existing one and then link Sales Order in it.

Now,it is possible to copy item lines to project task lines when we Make Project from Sale order

I hoped to have this flow –

Create Sale order

Click on Make Project

Have tasks prefilled in Project

Give target dates and deadlines and save

Since,it is not possible out of box,lemme try your suggestion . Thanks !

What about using “manufacturing” for that? If you dont neet the full project features you could also setup a manufacturing list with service items.

Manufacturing is not ideal because we cannot track individual task status there