Is push PO to SO in other internal company possible?

Case 1:
Like the attachment below, the workflow is possible? It will save a lot of time and prevent mistakes when staff inputting the data again.


Case 2:
I (A) sent a link request quotation to the internal company (B). B input the price to “Request for Quotation” ( http://localhost/rfq/PUR-RFQ-2019-00001 ).

A received the price (*). How does B convert (manual/auto) “Request for Quotation” to Quotation or SO after sending to A.

(*) In the http://localhost/rfq/PUR-RFQ-2019-00001 of B, the price is not saved => Is it a bug?

Many thanks!

It seems like intercompany purchase and in group of companies involving internal material transfer.

I believe V11 enterprise features should have it. Check V11 features for more details.

thank @joshiparthin, my question is based on v11.

I hope it’s in the roadmap of the ERPNext.
If I customize the module, I’m worried it’ll conflict in the future.

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any update on this? I require same workflow.

Maybe not, so I have made the custom module for my workflow.

Would you mind sharing this?