Is sale/purchase item options in ERPNext 7

I am testing V7 but cannot find the options Is sale item and Is purchase Item in the Item form. Though the setup wizard has “We sale” and “We purchase” this item check boxes, they seem to have no effect while doing a sale or purchase order, as all items are selectable regardless of their status.
Is this an intended behaviour?

PS: I am beginner with ERPNext and am evaluating both V6 and 7 for my first project

@RWEMA_Aimable Is Sales Item and Is Purchase Item has been removed in v7

I have a scenario of a company with around 3000 items but only 50 or less are for sale, the remaining being raw material and other small items for internal use. How can I filter what items are displayed on the POS overloading it unnecessarily?

The feature is back in ERPNext v 7.0.29: [revert] is_sales_item, is_purchase_item back · frappe/erpnext@d973c16 · GitHub