"Is Sample Item" field in Stock Entry Detail

Hi All,

We receive lot of items from our customers for repair purpose.

Some times it takes up to one month for us to get the item repaired from our supplier, so we want to track repair items along with our good stock(stock which will be sold to customers)

I was using Material Receipt and and Material Issue in Stock Entry to receive and dispatch repair material.

However, the issue was my accounting ledgers were getting updated whenever I did material receipt and material Issue in stock entry.

What I want is my stock ledgers to get updated but not accounting ledgers when I post stock entry with purpose Material Receipt and Material Issue.

With new field “Is Sample Item” (check box) in Stock Entry Detail doctype I have been able to do this.

Once you check this field valuation rate zero is allowed, and if valuation rate is set to zero no accounting ledger updates will happen.

Is there any impact of this hack? Maybe “Is Sample Item” not meant to be used for this purpose but I find it perfectly suitable for my requirement.

As valuation rate is something critical I want to be sure about this.

Please share your thoughts

If it has the impact you are looking for, I guess the hack is valid.

But yes, the field could be named differently, maybe “Item transacted at no value (Sample)”

CC @nabinhait