Is the following possible with ERP Next?

Dear ERPNext community,

I have signed up to the cloud hosted demo to try out the system. Before I dig deeper I would be very happy if you could help educating me on whether ERPN would fit our company

  • We have clients
  • Clients make bookings
  • Bookings are assigned to agents
  • Bookings are added to timesheets of agents (preferrably automatically)
  • Bookings are added to sales invoices of clients
  • Price rate depends on client, service and agent experience (in years) that’s handling the service

Ideally agents should also have access to a calendar showing all their bookings (I guess this is possible via the app)

Which of the above topics would be the most challenging to realize?

I think its like task management in erpnext so booking=task which get assigned to agents=users.


Is this for a tour operator management

Thanks for the reply!

Bookings = task makes a lot of sense.
How can I add “Total Price” logic to the task?
And later also summarize the total cost of tasks into 1 invoice? Would I add a link field in task form to the client, and then summarize from there? Any particular tutorial that you think could be relevant for me to look at?

In its simplest form, price is calculated as Time * Rate, but the rate differs depending on who the client is, but also who the operator is.

It’s not a tour operator business, but sort of a consulting business.

Thanks for taking the time to respond! Really appreciated