Is the GST e-invoicing feature chargeable?


As you may already be aware, April 1st 2021 onward, e-invoicing will be mandatory in India for all companies with turnover of 50Cr and above and it will be only a matter of time before this threshold is lowered even further. As a result, many companies may start using this functionality of ERPNext over the next couple of weeks.

The E-invoicing section of the ERPNext manual states the following:

Note: Using these integration for automatic process involves additional charges. Contact ERPNext Support for more information.

I would like to know if these additional charges are charged for self-hosted ERP instances as well or only for Frappe-hosted instances. Does the GSP (Adequare Info Private Limited) charge the end user for using this automated service? If so, where can we get a list of the charges?


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Trying to reach ERPNext sales team ATM to understand more about this. And I believe that the note should be a bit higher up on the page as it’s something most people will not read after following the steps.

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Do post here if you here from the ERPNext team. Thanks @amrit-citrusleaf

Had a word with their sales rep. He said he’ll check with the engineering team about the missing set of credentials. I’m not very hopeful that they’ll fix it before 1st April. Let’s see how it goes.

Alright. Fingers crossed. Will have to upload the invoices manually until then I suppose. Do you know if there’s a simpler way to get the data from the ERP in a format (JSON/Excel) that will make it easier to upload on the portal rather than having to enter the data manually using the NIC-GePP_V1_02 tool?