Is the Schools Module SCORM compliant?

There are a number of use cases where the schools module could be applied to e-learning for companies that offer courses, training, and other methods of content oriented learning both to internal and external audiences.

The ability to offer training for internal teams or customers with relevant certifications, event scheduling, and other school related activities seems to be highly attractive.

In particular the ability for a user to be logged in and then change the content they can see based on their own “COURSE” permissions.

However, before digging too deep into this I wondered if there has been any consideration to being SCORM compliant.

The SCORM concept is to help LMS systems overall. SCORM DETAILS

Here is the wikipedia SCORM information.

Please let me know if any SCORM considerations or compliance has been or will be given to the schools module.

I believe that SCORM is for elearning products like Moodel and Blackboard…Schools is more to administer processes at and educational institution

I am building LMS (Learning Management System) and I want to insert videos in SCORM format…any solution regarding the same?