Is there a bulk item ‘merge with existing’ functionality?

Hi Guys

I have renamed 200 items (max limit is 500 I believe) so far using the import tool. If I try and import more than that at once; the system times out.

I’ve identified a couple of issues, the second one is a very high risk.

  1. Some items can not be renamed because the new code (publisher code) already exists in the system. So there is already a duplicate. These items will need to be merged. I was wondering if there’s a bulk item ‘merge with existing’ functionality? It can be done manually using the below functionality (see picture) but will be time consuming.

  1. Any new sales orders with AI items will not sync, as the system will be trying to match on the AI code (currently used on the website), which we will have renamed.



You can rename multiple items using Rename Tool. Please check the Rename Tool user manual.


Thanks Makarand.

We have the rename tool for renaming, but I need a bulk merge for item records.


This is just to push the post.

Any updates?

Any update?

I have created a github issue for the same

Any further discussions should happen on github on this topic.