Is there a command line bulk rename?

Since I’m unable to set the customer number to my existing database’s customer number when importing, I’m using bulk rename after the import to set the customer ID.

I’ve created my CSV and split it by 500’s. When I did the first bulk rename, it worked fine, but every one after that got the “Requet Timed Out” error. Most of these had 499 records, but I even tried one with 467 records and had the same issue.

Is there an option to do a bulk rename by the command line?

If not, would it be ok to make the change directly in MariaDB as long as I haven’t done anything else with the customers yet (so it doesn’t need to be renamed in other tables)?

Since you are uploading new records (Customers), a better approach would be to set the appropriate customer IDs during the first upload itself rather than uploading and renaming.

Hi, thanks @Pawan. However when you import the Customer data, ERPNext ignores the incoming customer IDs, and sets it’s own. This means I don’t have a way to link all the other data I need to import back to the customer, because the ID will not match.

This was previously mentioned here and here

Edit: If there is a way to set Customer ID on import please let me know, it would save a lot of time. Thanks again!

You should set the “Customer Naming By” to “Customer Name” and then you should be able to upload data as per your use case

Thanks again for responding quickly.

I guess we could do that, but it seems like it could create issues. Things like the customer’s name changes, and now the ID doesn’t match the customer name anymore (I assume the ID doesn’t change when you change the customer name?)

We work with credit unions and it is fairly common for them to change name for a buyout or rebranding.