Is there a conventional tmp directory in Frappe?

In my custom app I will be processing some files and templates that require support files be placed in same directory. After processing I would like these files be removed by daily/weekly/monthly crons or default frappe maintenance routines.

What directory should I use? Should it be within the site and made private, or it should be in the app. If in the app, do I need to add it to .gitignore?

What sort of business process requires this? And why should the records of these transactions be evaporated?

A programmatic way to solve this to to use the built in File doctype and create a folder for each period (also a File record but where is_folder is True).

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I want to print company vouchers using Typst, Draft work orders, etc.

I will need to process the printing in a temp directory then after printing the files will be deleted.