Is there a definitive guide to upgrade VM from version 12 to 13?

Hello to everybody.
I downloaded the actual production VM, with version 12 of ERPNext, but I am not able to upgrade.
I tryed to search in the forums, but every solution gives at some point an error, and I feel a little bit desperate, considering I am not a Linux user and I spend two days in doing that.

Is there anybody who has a walkthrough to upgrade a just downloaded VM with version 12 to 13, considering also all dependencies (like system, python 3, ecc) to be upgraded?

Any help would be really appreciated…

Thanks in advance

There isn’t a “Definitive” guide and any self hosted Bench/Frappe/ERPNext will require a fair amount of Linux knowledge as well as some ability with Mariadb, Python and the other required software. There seems to be a v13 Bitnami ova that may be useful for evaluation purposes. I haven’t tried it.