Is there a distribution or an ISO file with the program embedded and ready to work after installation?

Is there a distribution or an ISO file with the program embedded and ready to work after installation?
Because I have not yet been able to install the program despite my many attempts and different versions of Ubuntu

Hi @youssef

you can have a look at

Ive successfully installed on ubuntu server14.04 LTS running in a windows machine vmaware workstation virtual machine using these steps:

ERPNext Setup and Reference
----------------------------- using bench easy installer ---------------------------
Im using vmware workstation and installed Ubuntu 14.04 server (no gui I know)
create vm with server install ubuntu - dont update using ‘apt-get update’!!!
‘>’ indicated the command you will type into the terminal (without the >)
When creating the install make sure you use the username as the same as your windows account – this is important for running the dev environment in windows.

Once the server is up login and run the commands below replacing YOURUSERNAME with the user account your used to create the vm

sudo python --production --user YOURUSERNAME

All should go well and will take some time – during the install you will be asked for a MariaDB password and Administrator password – create one and remember it. This will also be stored on the server unders password.txt in your home directory.
Once done install ssh server

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Then we going to create a share so we can use VSCode in windows to do all our coding. So you can also download Visual Studio Code while the install is happening. Sharing in Ubuntu is done using Samba

sudo apt-get install samba
sudo smbpasswd -a YOURUSERNAME
sudo nano /etc/samba/smb.conf

This is will open an editor. Using CNTRL+V to go all the way to the bottom add the following to the end of the conf file

path = /home/YOURUSERNAME/frappe-bench
valid users = YOURUSENAME
Available = yes
read only = no
writable = yes
public = no
guest ok = no
browseable = no

save the file using CNTRL+X, Y (yes) and then ENTER
Once that is done you can restart the samba service and test if all is well

sudo service smbd restart

You can then map a drive in windows pointing to the server. When asked for the username type ‘/hemant’ eg. And the password you used above when setting up samba.
Once the share is done you can right click on the drive and open in VSCode.

If you have any questions setting up please let me know and I will assit.

When it comes to bench and erpnext here are some steps to add apps and sites

bench get-app
bench new-site
bench --site install-app

bench config dns_multitenant on
bench setup nginx
sudo service nginx restart

if you want to setup SSL on a hosted server in the cloud – this wont work at Aptronics offices on our VMS, then you can use the below bench command, obviously changing the url on what you setting up

sudo -H bench setup lets-encrypt

When doing some dev work you might not want to commit to Github what you are busy with but just need to test on your current install. You can use this command to do that – this will not do a full update using PULL from the repositories but just restarts the services on your vm

sudo supervisorctl restart frappe-bench-workers: frappe-bench-web:

hope this helps


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Thank you, I will try it now .

Thank you again, It worked successfully :joy:

How to open vscode