Is there a DMS or other possibility to keep correspondences structurred?


actually I have two questions relating this topic:

  1. is there any doctype or module, with the intention to represent kind of a Document Management?
    So for example if some Suppliers a sending us letters, which changes kind of conditions or sth. I can just attach it to the supplier, but it would be better, if there would be a structurred, indexable/categorizable way of it.
    Is there any DMS functionality built in, or reliable apps to be considered?
  2. There are also “transparent” parties, which are sending documents (like the tax institute), which wouln’t be (semantically) correct to create it as a “Supplier”, as it is only charging, without any delivery :smiley:
    Is there a recommended DocType to use to attach the (DMS) correspondence?

Thanks in advance!

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I recommend using an external DMS that can provide hyperlinks to your files. This gives you full DMS capabilities. And you can attach a link to any file to an ERPNext document, where necessary.

Google Drive works well, for example.


I think I know exactly what you are talking about. We did a similar project for a government office here in India. The solution was such:

  • There will be a reception to receive the letter. Only confidential will be left un-opened, others will be opened and attached as a scan.
  • Then the reception will forward it to the concerned person
  • Every person has a letter inbox to check what all letters are there waiting on them
  • They would then check their inbox and would in-line add comments to the document and will forward it with some notes to it to the next party
  • The next party now gets it in the letter inbox and does the same
  • Ultimately one takes an action and creates a todo and the closure of this letter is marked.
  • when a reply needs to be given to the letter, it would then be created as an outbound letter which shall then be send through the required instrument.
  • many times, a letter would then divided into sub-letter so that multiple people can work on it.
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Thanks! I think that’s a bit too unstructured in terms of the structure we want to establish in our ERPNext. As when it’s only on the sidebar (screenshot from your integration doc link), it’s not good categorizable and searchable enough
Of course, in drive I can organize then, but not in ERPNext.

For our situation a bit too powerful, but also I didn’t understand, if you did all that within ERPNext and if so, if you published the solution as an app, that can be used or not.
But in the meantime it reminds me a bit to a full-fledged DMS, what is actually not really what I am looking for (paperless-ng came into my mind, when I read your Inbox / Workflow description).