Is there a limit for field level permission?

I can not add level more 2 for my custom doctype? Is there a limit for field level permission???
Please advise
My version is 10.1.50

There should not be any such limitation, please check the help video here. In case you are getting any error while doing so, kindly share screenshot.

Thank @Pawan I worked before with levels higher 2 but now not working.
I created doctype in my custom app (not custom doctype) and I noted that the field level higher the 2 not working.
Fields that have level higher than 2 not appearing in doctype even though I gave level permissions.
I created an issue…

Check the permissions in Role Permissions Manager. And send the screenshot.

Worked…When I edited it from Role permission manager … but why did not work from doctype?

Don’t know, seems like a bug, i think this is a good practice to manage permissions from role per manager’ page always instead of doctype.

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