Is there a place to note Customer PO# in Sales Invoice? (aside from comment field)

I have a use case where Items are sold in a retail environment to both average retail customers and business customers. We need to enter customers PO# information in Sales Invoice, have it appear on their receipt and to be recorded as part of the Sales Invoice record.

Does this already exist in the Sales Invoice and I am just not finding it somehow?

This is a common request from our customers to have their PO information associated with their transaction.

Can anyone offer how they may have done this?

Is there a field that need to be un-hidden?


Customer PO Details is already a part of Sales Invoice

The section is just after accounting dimension section.

Or I may missing your actual request ?

Nope. You didn’t miss anything. On my new v13.3.1 system it is not there.

I will have to dig around in the “Sales Invoice” definition record and see if it has been somehow hidden.

Thanks for letting me know it is there. At least I know I am not chasing something that doesn’t exist. That means I just need to dig more. :slightly_frowning_face:


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This is ERPNext v13.3.1

If it’s not visible I’d suggest checking via Customize Form to make sure it’s not hidden or a display condition is perhaps set.

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For “Submitted” documents, ERPNext likes to hide empty data fields. So “Customer’s Purchase Order” will be visible on the web page during creation. But probably hidden afterwards unless you entered a value there.

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Go to Sales Invoice customize form. Remove eval and tick allow on submit. This may work.