Is there a script for text insert and a new field will appear

Hi, We have made a field that is “select” type and has names on it. It has “others” too. We want to make a new field (Indicate name of others) appear whenever “Others” is selected among the names. Hope you could help us thank you!

Create the new field and in ‘Depends on’ section put below code…

eval:doc.[your field name]==“others”

Below is an example…

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@Basawaraj_Savalagi Thank you so much! This is incredible :grin:

@Basawaraj_Savalagi, Is it possible that my source is on the other doctype? Like for example. I want my field “Received” to show up only if the status on the other doctype is “Open”

use case??

@Basawaraj_Savalagi, sorry. What do you mean by case?

What are trying to achieve? in which Doctype do you want this functionality? I dont think source depending on other doctype status is right approach…

@basawaraj_Savalagi, In our doctype (named “1”) we have a child doctype(named “2”) for the table field. We kinda want to make a check box that appears on the doctype 2 only when doctype 1’s status turns to “Open” I have tried to put this on the permission but it just hides the field.

eval: doc.status==“Open”