Is there a "Stock Entry Profile"?

Right now I use POS profiles to manage how users sell items to customers. I can manage the source warehouse and several other parameters to keep the POS user in check. However it is just as important for me to control how the warehouse workers transfer inventory between locations.

Is there a stock entry profile I can use to do this? If not, then how do I allow a particular user to create a material transfer and limit the source and destination warehouses? Even better question is how do I accomplish this and only allow the user to create a Draft version of the material transfer thereby forcing a senior manager to review/approve the transfer and perform the Submit?

All of this seems like something that should happen in a Stock Entry Profile of some sort.


Workaround :

  1. You can remove “Submit” right for the user for a particular doctype. Here Stock Entry doctype.


  1. Can set workflow for Stock Entry doctype.


Removing the “Submit” privilege form a particular doc-type for a user will certainly fix that part of the problem, but it does not address the rest of the things that a Stock Entry Profile would allow one to configure. I cannot find enough things like the privileges trick to take care of all of them.

For instance, how would I force the user to only be able to use Warehouse-A as the source of a transfer and only allow them to use Warehouse-B as the transfer destination?

Most “Material Transfers” are repeated frequently (and sometimes multiple times daily) so it would really make sense for there to be a way to set profiles for those transactions since they are so critical to the operation of any inventory focused business. I am surprised that no such function is in place for this. Just like a POS transaction is likely one of many that will take place in a day, Material Transfers are similar in frequency and possibly even more likely to have mistakes made in the option selection process.


Agreed with the use case, calls for a much needed feature request.
Kindly log a github issue for feature request.

Hmm… Unfortunately I have no idea how to do that. I do have a login for GitHub but I have only ever been able to observe others projects. I am not a developer and really have no idea about how the developer function of GitHub work.

Hopefully someone else can agree with you also and create such an issue “thingy” there to start this as a project.

Thanks for your input. I did not realize this function did not exist. I really thought is was just a function that I could not find in the menus.