Is there a way I can put a section at the bottom part of pdf


Is there a way I can put the section at the bottom part like a footer? I want to put a signatory under our delivery note at the bottom part as a default. Please help us.

Thank you.

@kelscey90, in Letter Head, you can configure the footer too!

Hi @max_morais_dmm,

Is there a way I can have an option at the footer to put a “select type”? Because I need to change it everytime I’m going to print. Like if “employee 1” is going to deliver the items today, tomorrow “employee 2” will be the one who’s going to deliver the items.

@kelscey90, you can create multiple letter headers, it’s selectable

@kelscey90 in our ERP we needed to use a custom footer because the PDF css is a big pain in the a**…

you can do the same and make new css structure for the page and when you need to print it just use the print button or the full page link… PDF printer is available in most systems now days.