Is there a way to alter the appearance of the POS module?

So, I have 2 questions about how to make POS more friendly on my users eyes.

  • Is there a way to change the view of the products on the right side of the screen from the default picture grid, to a spreadsheet style list? With over 10,000 items in our system, it would dramatically speed up the display if it didn’t have to wait for the pictures to load before allowing the user to scroll down the list to find an item. Typing partial description in the search bar can get you close, but then it becomes a matter of scrolling through the rest to find some “less popular” items. Waiting for pictures to load is putting a drag on the system performance at the point of sale.

  • Is there an easy way to alter the fonts and background color of the POS module? The current bright white background and small fonts has my users (cashiers in the retail stores) complaining it is to hard to read and a strain on the eyes. I just want to know if there is a function in the system to allow me to alter these settings?



You add a custom CSS to change the fonts and bake it in your build.json via an app.

If you have suggestions for the greater good of humanity, just send a pull request.


How does one “send a pull request” ??

I would think the ability to alter the way items are listed on the right side of the POS screen would significantly speed up the interface ans make it fast to get transactions done. So for that part of my questions above, I would certainly like to do whatever is needed to start an effort on allowing the picture grid to be optionally replaced with a faster moving list view. If that means a pull request , then I just need to know where to find info on how to do this.

As for the custom CSS and getting it “baked” into a build, can you point to a resource for me to figure that one out?



Developer tutorials are available at

But, based on your responses, it sounds like you’re not a developer. In that case, either contract with a service provider to get the work done (links to some are in the main bar above), or look at the paid feature development program at

You can also use chrome to solve some of the appearance problems

  1. For font size - zoom the browser
  2. For colors, look at some “dark” extensions (quick search turned up one example -

…or you can just file an issue and someone can take it up from there.