Is there a way to calculate price difference(margin) ofeach newly added item?

I don’t know how is it done here, but on our previous ERP program we did it this way:

  • You get invoice from supplier
  • You add one by one products from invoice
    • Add supplier price, number of items, etc…
    • Calculate selling price and difference(margin)

      What would that process look like here. Or is it even possible? It makes no sense to me that price difference is not calculated when adding new item.

Hi MrKovalski,

Are you saying that you add an Item and then make a Purchase Receipt (because you need the item to be setup before you can make the Purchase Receipt). Now you want to set a Selling Price for the Item and then you want to calculate the Margin?

A custom report should be able to do the job for you on ERPNext.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for the replay.
Yeah, that is about it. Is this it?
So if I, understood correctly, when I get receipt from supplier I have to:

  1. first add new items
  2. add bought items into new bought receipt entrance on erpnext
  3. set new selling prices based on new bought prices
  4. see margins in custom reports

Seams ok. But what I was going after is when creating prices insert margin 15% on 9878 and it automaticaly rounds at 11360. Or other way aroun I insert selling price 11360 and it returns me margin 1.15003