Is there a way to delete completely instead of deleting into [Deleted Document List]?

Hi there,

We noticed that due to the reason some deleted documents gets placed under [deleted document list] , whenever they try to recreate the same document, they can’t retain the same docname because it automatically appends a number on the document name after that , EX:

[Customer ABC ] → [Customer ABC -1 ]

And this is not ok with some of the documents we have.

I was wondering if there’s a way to do this via custom script , and delete the document entirely when user click on the delete button instead of putting it into the DELETED document list.

If this cannot be achieved, we would at least like to alternatively rename the deleted document in the [DELETED DOCUMENT LIST] instead, example:

[Customer ABC] → [Customer ABC-DELETED001]
in the deleted document list.

Preferably a direct delete command , anyone knows one?

Thanks alot for the guidance!

You can delete from the deleted documents. AFAIK. That’s good enough, in fact it’s better, for accountability.

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Not for end users, they find this extremely unnecessary.

In any ERP audit trail remains and its is must. Also to have safeguard of accidental deletion, the current structure is appropriate.

Once User delete document and it goes into Trash, one can simply ignore it.

I found a workaround
I noticed the reason for this is because the field is set as Index
Since this form is running on naming series which can act as a better unique record, i switch the index to the naming series.

Thus, the field no longer need to be unique and hence the system will not auto append -1 to its name!
Problem solved, so now we have no problem for it to be in the deleted document list.

Which field you refering here… Could you post the screenshot of what changes you made. This would help everyone looking for similar issue/resolution in future.

This is only allowed to be modified under the “Doctype List” which is only accessible to systems that is in develoment mode.

Once you open the right doctype, you can change the Index to a different field, by checking the “Index” on the desired field. Example: