Is there a way to have recurring ToDo?

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Is there a way to have ToDo items set to repeat? For example our accountant wants to have a recurring reminder to process payroll, then have the ability check it off in the ERP system to signal that she has done it for that week, while having the same task already in the system for the next week.

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Add recurring events in the calendar!

Thanks @rmehta

I saw this as a possible option too- the only missing thing from this option is the ability to check off weekly items as complete. Is this possible? Maybe I can add a field for marking as complete?

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated :smile:

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Ahh - you can add a Custom Field for that for now!

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Sorry for the late reply! Been tied up-

Anyways I have 2 versions, v4 is live and slowly getting more traction internally, and v5 for testing with. I noticed v5 doesn’t let me edit the event doctype, will this change in the future?

Thank you!

v5.0 is not even beta yet, so please keep that in mind. DocType editing works fine for me, so unless I can replicate, I can’t fix your problem.

Ah yes, I understand. Didn’t realize it wasn’t in beta yet! I am having a hard time for a few days updating V5. Will post to a new thread to keep this organized for others having similar issues.

You can find the new topic here: