Is there a way to import odoo chart of accounts to erpnext?


Is it possible to somehow import / convert a chart of accounts from odoo to be suitable for use in erpnext?

Have you tried,, you can fork and existing chart and change and contribute it back.

i use, every i reinstall my erpnext, i use my local country chart to set back chart of account

Hi Pawan,

As I reported earlier, is not working for me at the moment.

However, even if I’m to fork a chart, that means I still have to retype and translate a lot of stuff. I’m trying to figure out the best way to import a country specific chart that currently is not available on

Maybe you could try the Data Import Tool which allows you to import Accounts from a CSV file template generated by the system, however you would have to fill it in with values (copy paste or manual). Currently there is no automatic way to upload data from odoo

Thank you.