Is there a way to register Sales Invoices in different Sales Accounts?

Is there a way to have different Sales Child-Accounts (in the Chart of Accounts)? For Example:
- Hardware Sales
- Software Sales
- Services Sales

What we would like to do is have a Sales Account for each department in our company.
I can create the Accounts in the Chart of Accounts, but when creating a sales invoice, how do I tell the ERP to register the sale under one of those new Sales Accounts depending on which department is making the sale?


If You use the POS u can set different PS profiles per department, and set account under the profile

@colimon. You can create sales accounts as per your requirement and set user permission.
So user can only select related sales account in sales Invoice.

Check following help link for more details.


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We also have a need for this with similar breakdown under sales. My hope was that on the sales invoice we could have each of these categories “total” up and then allocate each total to the appropriate sales account on the chart of accounts. Is this something that can be done on ERPNext Cloud?