Is there a way to use IDE to fix bugs and other issue?

Is there a way for an IDE to connect to a VPS(online like Google Cloud) or a baremetal to access the files to fix bugs and other issues?

What IDE do you guys use?

Sure. If you just need a terminal connection, you’d use ssh. If you want to use your client tools, then I’d suggest mounting the remote VPS directories using sshfs.

Most of us aren’t using a single IDE. ERPNext has too many different components. Instead, we use several different editors/programs. Depending on what we want to do.

Here’s my current list (Linux apps):

  • General text file editing: nano, gedit, or Geany.
  • HTML/CSS editing: Brackets
  • MariaDB work: DBeaver
  • JavaScript/Python: General text editors, although I’m experimenting with jetBrains PyCharm and WebStorm. I like the idea behind them. But I dislike the bloat. And they take a lot of time to configure.
  • Testing APIs: Postman, Arc, curl

I’ve previously experimented with Atom. But there is a drag-and-drop bug with Tree-View. And it was a huge turn-off for me, so I threw it out. Supposedly there is a manual workaround now.

I suspect many people use VS Code, however I haven’t tried it yet. I’m still in ‘la résistance’ mode.



I’m testing move my development environment using code-server, one self hosted version of Visual Studio Code, it’s working like a charm in mine development environment


brian_pond and max_morais_dmm have offered great options there. Just a minor “addition” from me…
VSCodium is an exact copy, open source with no-telemetry version of VScode for those who dislike/distrust M$. It has loads of useful plugins/extensions which can make it mimic almost anything in look and feel.


Had not heard about that, Trent. That is something I will definitely check out. Thanks!

@trentmu, @brian_pond, in codeserver, telemetry is disabled via --no-telemetry

It is indeed, and one can also change settings to disable the telemetry, but the VScodium version is “cleaner” for the haters :laughing:

me = hater. :wink:

I don’t trust that no-telemetry == no-telemetry. So I’d have to prove it to myself through testing. That means running searches in the code, looking for DNS/IPs. And then monitoring my router traffic, to discover anything inappropriate.

For now, much easier to just use something else. I do think the VSCodium looks interesting, though. When I have fewer projects on my plate, I may give that a try.

am trying to use ide can you say how to install and what is the procedure?

Hi @arokia. I don’t understand your question.

Are you trying to install an IDE? If so, which one do you need help with?
Are you trying to install ERPNext?

I’ll try to help, but I need more information.

i have installed pycharm but i cannot use it for debug.
am using ERPnext through LXD container, so am unable to open my project…?

I don’t have much experience with LXD containers. My laptop runs Ubuntu Linux, so I don’t use containers or VMs for ERPNext. It runs natively. When I do want containers (MariaDB, Redis), I’ve been using Docker.

Here’s what you need to solve: mounting a local directory on your workstation, to a directory in your LXD container. I would call this a “bind mount”. I don’t know if that terminology is correct for LXD, though. :thinking:

Once you create this mount, when you write to your local directory, LXD will see that. And the opposite. When LXD writes something to that directory, you can see it.

Once you’ve solved that with LXD, then configuring PyCharm should be no problem. You’ll be able to “share” project directories, the ERPNext directory, etc.

I know this isn’t a complete answer. But hopefully this advice is helpful.

You should be able to configure remote access in PyCharm.

I use it for development with Frappe. It supports all of the used file formats, including unconventional ones like .vue and you get a nice DB editing interface and SQL-aware editor in the package. I’ll take bloat over PITA that comes with the FOSS any day :grinning:

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Hello @max_morais_dmm,
How is your journey going with coder? Do you still use it daily?

@TurkerTunali I still using it today!

I do have few servers where I have it installed, and it saves me a lot!

I took the procedure, to keep the process alive, but not acessible over internet!

I usually open an SSH Tunnel to the server and I access the Coder at port 8080 on my machine!

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Experience-wise, how do you compare coder and vscode+remote extension?

@rahy a more limited in terms of resources from the IDE itself looks an frozen fork of VSCode

But most of the good things are there!

I got few bugs on extensions that works fine on VSCode, so some times, you need to dig and try previous releases.

But in general it does what is propose! It gave you total remote access to the code on your servers!

Can you debug python code within the coder? It would be game changer. Imagine you are debugging the live code with the live data at anytime :slight_smile:

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Only running the bench start mode!

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You can do this with VSCode + remote extension. And no installation needed.