Is there a way to view movements of a item?

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How does one view the movement of an item


  1. buy 3 pcs of item1
  2. 2 pcs of item1 arrived at 4/1/2018 for PO#1
  3. sell 1 pc of item1 at 4/15/2018
  4. 1 pc of item1 arrived at 5/1/2018 for PO#1
  5. sell 1 pc of item1 at 5/7/2018
  6. sell 1 pc of item1 at 5/9/2018
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There is a stock ledger report which shows this info

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i tried going to stock ledger but its showing up that i bought the item. I have already paid the PO for the item but the item hasnt arrived yet. do i need the item to arrive in order for it to show up in ledger?

I am not very well informed on accounting practices (sorry…), but I think that would be correct

Stock Ledger entries are only created based on stock movement. Hence, the item will only show up once you have received it either via Purchase Receipt or Stock Entry (purpose: material receipt), or via Purchase Invoice with Update stock checked.

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is there other ways to view movements outside of stock ledger?

anyone know this?

It is also useful to have this for drop shipping and stock ledger will never work as there is no stock for these items.

Related issue the purchase orders on drop ship are marked as delivered, but still show up in the total of (‘pending’) in the red circle even though there is nothing more to be done with them.

anyone know a feature to my inquiry? is this existing or a feature request?

You can use stock ledger , or create your own custom report using script report feature.

You can use either the stock ledger or the stock balance. In the last one you can choose a date range and see in one line how many of an item you received and how many you delivered, in a global way. Otherwise you can see the stock ledger to see the movements one by one. It will never show you the purchase and sales, only the receipt and delivery

If you wanted to see How many you have in PO and how many are received then there is a report in Stock module called Purchase Order Items To Be Received

But this is from Purchase Order and not Purchase Invoice.

The only way to see stock movement is in stock ledger. If it is not on stock ledger then the item is not moved. Your #1, #3, #5, #6 are not movement. Arrived and delivered are movements.

I have a legacy SQL report for that, but that feature trust on Serial Numbers, that’s the unique way to follow an Item in ERPNext, trought serialized items.