Is there a wiki module - (wiki for my company, not wiki about ERPN)?

I am missing a centralized place to internally publish standard workflow definitions.
Employees of my Company should be able to look those up in case of doubt. For example we have defined a certain set of actions when sending out goods and I have written that down and everybody who might come across this situation can look up which steps to follow.

I think that would be pretty much something like a wiki (because I also might need to discuss these standard workflows and potentially update them). Is there anything inside of ERPN that enable such an internal wiki?

@vrms, ERPNext have a Notes solution, that works like a wiki, check the tools module.

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@max_morais_dmm that’s a start, thanks. On first sight the >Tools >Notes do not seem to support something like revision control, so you can co-work on writing such content and track a Note’s history

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@vrms only submittable documents have a history track!

Currently the unique information in co-work is who is viewing te active document.

Hello everyone. I’m just starting to consider ERPN to camp there a free educational project.
I found that question about wiki module. So, have anyone found something better than Note?
I consider Note too plain to base an extensive standards and article structure in there. Don’t believe that it will cope with this structure only with tags function and will be user-friendly.
Also i’d like to have a function there an expert can prove an article for publishing in Wiki that created by an employee.
And also i need that some users can access that article and some can’t - so, i need access management and proving functions!
Thank you a lot in advance. Really appreciate any suggestion!

I did not come to any good result back, when I started this topic. There is however the so-called ‘knowledge’ Module which serves articles to the public though (which makes it useless whether you want to keep them private.

Isn’t there any part of the “Schools” module which could do what you are looking for?

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There is also “Note” which could be organized like a Wiki (type “Note” in the search bar)

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