Is there an app on frappe that can perform KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) and Bar Order Ticket?

I need to print kitchen order ticket to the kitchen when the waiter input the order to the system after taking order from guests, and I want a similar function for Bar too.

Is this feature applied already in ERPNext hospitality domain?
Or if not straightforward, what is the existing way around?
Or do I have to customize?

Thank you.

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cc: @esafwan


sure and thank you

I have tried using urymosaic and I couldn’t find how to print a KOT bill .Is there someone who can help me out to print a KOT invoice using urymosaic or any other ury pos systems ?. Your help is much appreciated. :grinning:

You can manage Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) and Bar Order Tickets with ERPNext via URY Mosaic ( ),it is part of URY, full restaurant management solution in development.

  • As it is part of the URY solution, it has dependency on the URY base app. The base app implements key functions things like rooms, tables, and printers which are essential for KOT and KDS. It has not been used/tested independently. With some effort and workaround you may succeed in using it or get direction on how to implement one.

  • URY Mosaic supports both KOT display(KDS) and KOT printing
    You can also add multiple production units (Kitchen, bars, etc.). You can then add Kot printers against production units, rooms(URY Rooms) etc And in POS for takeaway KOTs.

  • You can also print to multiple kitchens, rooms, and takeaway printers if your requirement demands it.

The code for URY Mosaic and URY is on GitHub.

Please find the link below:
URY Mosaic:


Please note that though URY, though being used at scale in 8+ outlets of 2 brands, it is still in alpha and you will need to have some expertise in ERPNext and bandwidth to dig deeper if you intend to use it in production.


If you are looking to get a print at kitchen with nothing else, URY Mosaic can be an overkill for you. URY Mosaic is a reasonably complex APP built to be used with URY. It supports adding multiple Kitchens, parallel multi-room printing, touch based KDS system etc…

For quick work around you could maybe write a client script to fetch the invoice & print the KOT in kitchen via something like Qztray or maybe run a quick flask app that can do the printing. We had done such a hack few years ago in a QSR restaurant.