Is there an app to get a Desktop Icon interface for v12?

I have a client that would like to use the newest features of v12 but they need something similar to the older Icon Desk user interface. Most of their work is done on Android tablets and phones. They are unable to effectively use the current card/menu system on such small touch screens. Also many of their labor force is not very computer literate making some of the logical progression of the menus outside of their abilities.

I was hoping that someone might have developed an app to addon to ERPNext v12 that would allow for a different view of the desktop.

The most important feature is the ability to define a commonly used document like Sales Invoice, Sales Register Report, or Stock Transfer to be it’s own icon on the desk. Pretty much anything that shortcuts the current multilevel menu system would be the most helpful.

Interested in trying either open source or proprietary paid apps to accomplish this. If anyone can point me to a know working project for this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.