Is there an equivalent to frappe.set_route for portal pages

I am trying to find a way to provide a link to a list view from a portal page and I find that the functions
frappe.set_route and frappe.local.response dont work because the necessary javascript libraries are not included in that view.
What do I need to include in my page to get access to these functions
I see that the generated file desk.min.js does include that library but it brings with it a whole host of dependencies that I have not yet figured out.
I am trying to implement a simple function that works fine when not used in a portal page

frappe.set_route(“List”, “Item Production Task”, {
“export_batch”: data.message.export_batch,
“sales_order”: data.message.sales_order,
“status”: [“!=”, “Complete”]

Is there any other way to dynamically generate a link to a list view where I can use a filter of != that would work from a portal page

Portal pages are not single page applications (SPAs), you can redirect to the URL of your choice with a link tag.

Thank you for responding.
I did try the link method but could not find a way to express != in the filter
How do express != in a link
/desk#List/Item Production Task/List?sales_order=1234&export_batch=abcd&status=[!=,Complete]