Is there any comprehensive rest documentation available?

Dear All,

Do we have any comprehensive rest documentation available? I need some help in integrating our existing CRM with ERPNext. Modules I am looking API’s for are Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Purchase Order.

Let me know in case there’s any documentation available or is there way to get the details of API from application itself.

Vishwajeet Singh


refer this for API.

I have already seen that, there’s hardly any details. I need details on based on doctype what all inputs are required and what’s the format for the same.
Say I need to create a Sales Order than what’s the json format of input which is required for the same.

@vishwajeets: unfortunately the above-mentioned is the only doc available for API at the moment.

The typical approach to learn things on ERPNext/Frappe REST API in-depth is to do it in a hard way - via reviewing the code of the respective Python/JS modules that implement it.

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All the documents/DocType are accessible via REST API although the user role permission will be check before your executing your request.

e.g. If User dont have the read access to Sales Order then the user will not be able to create, update or read the DocType.

Please check the customize form for the doctype, you will need to pass all the mandatory fields to REST API while creating Sales Order.


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