Is there any data loss by deleting version list?


In one instance we have scenario that too many changes in each order.
It will record unnecessary version as follows.

Is there any dataloss if I delete all record from version list?
We need to delete record to reduce backup size.

I have successfully deleted all records from version list.
Old database size 2.2 GB
New backup size 16 MB


You can switch off versioning for that doctype.

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There are no data loss… Only versioning records…

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I have switch off versioning using customise form. However it take much time to find out which table is using large size in database.

I am sharing query for those who want to check each table size in database.


table_rows AS "Quant of Rows", ROUND( (

data_length + index_length

) /1024, 2 ) AS "Total Size Kb"

FROM information_schema.TABLES

WHERE information_schema.TABLES.table_schema = '4c4d239fbd480c8d'
order by ROUND( (

data_length + index_length

) /1024, 2 ) desc

LIMIT 0 , 300;

For non technical person we can have page in ERPNext which can show each table size, file size, database backup size etc.


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