Is there any disadvantage to LAN installation?

I’m looking at ERPNext for a business that doesn’t always have reliable internet. Is there any disadvantage to using ERPnext over a LAN, as opposed to the cloud? (Obviously the fact that the data will only be available over that LAN—and backup issues—but in terms of the functionality of the software.)

For that matter, would there be a disadvantage to running it in a VirtualBox even for production?


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No. No disadvantage to a local install. It’s just the same code and functionality. Actually you may need a static IP address on the internet connection so that people outside the network can still access the instance.

I am not sure about the second part of your question - virtualbox for production and will let somebody else answer that question decisively.

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Hi @adambaker,

We have been using VMs for production for 4 years and the advantages are that you can do backups of the VMs before upgrading to a major version, do testing and of course you can have many VMs running for diferente companies or even the same.
When using VMs restoring is always easier at my perspective.

Hope many other will contribute to your questions.


Have you considered using event streaming too?

ERPNext works 99% fine on a LAN, without an internet connection.

The remaining 1% looks something like this:

  • ERPNext periodically tries to fetch information about Recent Releases by doing HTTP calls to GitHub. If you have strict firewall rules, or no internet access, you may see log or error messages about that.
  • If installing from scratch, an Internet connection is mandatory. ERPNext installer downloads many dozens of Python and JavaScript packages from PyPI and NPM/Yarn. There’s no such thing as an offline installer (unless you’re using a premade image or VM, of course)
  • Occasionally, someone will accidentally submit code that fetches fonts/CSS from online sources. And occasionally the maintainer doesn’t catch this. When this happened previously, we just let the maintainers know, so the mistake can be corrected. All assets are supposed to be saved on the server.
  • When in doubt, try using grep and regex to sift through the code, and identify any external references. I did this a few years ago, curious to know if any IP addresses were hard-coded, URLs, etc.

I would not think you’d have too many problems with running in offline mode…
…but don’t quote me on that. :wink:

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