Is there any documentation on how to use Tax Rules?

I have been going through the manual looking for how to implement sales taxes on a per customer basis. I found some references to something called the Tax Rules in the forums, but nothing in the manual about how to create them, apply them, and how they interact with tax templates. Only tax templates in the manual.

I have to fill in sales tax rates for 100 different counties here and I want it to work properly. Customers in county A we collect county A taxes. Customers in county B we collect county B taxes, and so on.

Where is the documentation on how to use tax rules? They have evidently been around for over a year now, but I cannot find any instructions for them.


You can find documentation on tax rule here.


Thank you for the link!! I had been looking in all the wrong spots for this. I have not figured out how to search the manual other than just trying page after page.

Thanks again.


It’s easy, go to your erpnext instance, click on help, type in whatever you are looking for!

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There is documentation but it needs some fixing: Tax rule without Tax category won´t work · Issue #33532 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub