Is there any function to refresh particular filter in report.?

I have set the select fieldtype options dynamically in report but that options can’t show in that dropdown. I have to refresh that particular dropdown to view new assigned options of that dropdown. Is there any function available to refresh the particular filter of report…?

Can you share the code?

Related Filter list view using callback data

	"label": __("Party name"),
	"fieldtype": "Dynamic Link",
	"get_options": function() {
		var party_type = frappe.query_report.filters_by_name.party_type.get_value();
		var party =;
		party_input = $(".page-form").find('[data-fieldname="party"]').find('input');{
			method: '',
			args: {
				"party": party_input.val() 
			callback: function(r) {
					options = []
					for (i = 0; i < r.message.length; i++) { 
						options[i]= r.message[i]
					frappe.query_reports["General Ledger"].filters[6].options = options
					refresh_field('party_type'); // Looking for something like this...
					console.log(frappe.query_reports["General Ledger"].filters[6].options)
		return party_type;
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Hello @revant_one have you check the code…?? :slight_smile:

I’m not 100% sure it will work this a query report, but you can try:


I know it works for GridReportWithPlot…

Thanks @Ben_Cornwell_Mott for the response but It’s not working here.

@nishith i used:

		method: "",
		"args": {
			"user": frappe.session.user
		callback: function (r) {
			if (r.message) {
				var warehouse_filter = frappe.query_report_filters_by_name.warehouse;
				//warehouse_filter.df.options = r.message; <-- modify options
				warehouse_filter.df.default = r.message[0];
				warehouse_filter.df.read_only = 1;

it worked fo me