Is there any method in hook to triger after install the fixtures

Is there any method in hook to trigger after install the app and after install the fixtures.
As I need to update some values into db after install the fixtures (Some custom fields).

after_install method throw error filed not found , because the custom field I am trying to update…!
So I need to call that method after the fixtures also installed. !!
Hope You Help to find an Answer … !
Thank You …!


  • To take fixture of custom fields, specify them into hooks.
  • from console execute bench export-fixtures.

in app installation process, frappe imports all fixtures related to app after installation


Thank you @saurabh6790 for the answer .
But fixture exporting is not my problem, we can use after-install tag in the hook to call once the method to execute after the installation of an app.

If add a tag after-install in hook it will trigger the method once before installing the fixtures, so I need to know is there any way to call a method once after installing the fixtures (When Install an app, first install the app and install the fixtures) . Hope you understand my problem. Need Help…!