Is there any plan for the missing exchange rates on

V11 has a great improvement whereby it fetches exchange rates from automatically. Unfortunately only about 30-40 currencies seem to be supported by default as I found out here Euro foreign exchange reference rates

From what I understand so far, Fixer, the API Frankfurter was forked from offers way more currencies (170) but they seem commercially inclined from the website GitHub - fixerAPI/fixer: A foreign exchange rates and currency conversion API.

Are there any plans to expand on this list?


Still not expanded more currencies and we are at V13


For us the current solution relying on only is also a really big issue because the currencies in the countries we are operating in are not supported.
Allowing other APIs (e.g. to get exchange rates would be extremely useful.
There is an open feature request on this (Many unsupported exchange rates: Switch from to or allow custom API · Issue #25603 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub). Maybe someone can have a look at it?

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There seems to be a solution to this problem (Many unsupported exchange rates: Switch from to or allow custom API · Issue #25603 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub). I host with Frappe, so I cannot try out the suggested solution. Can anybody try out the code and create a pull request? (It’s only a change of 5-6 lines of code)

as also posted on github, I could try it. are other changes needed beside the few codelines?
what shall be tested? is any config needed?

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Hi Moe,
That’s super awesome! Thanks so much for your help. You could for example setup a parent and daughter company, do a transaction in the daughter company and see whether the parent company shows the right amount with the transaction. For the two companies I would set their currencies to a few lesser known test currencies supported by the new API (e.g. TZS, SYP, KHR) and also one or two standard currencies (e.g. USD, EUR, INR). You can find the list of all supported currencies here: I think it will be sufficient to try 3-4 currencies (and a few different dates) to see that the integration of the API works.
I am not sure if ERPnext wants to support cryptocurrencies, but it might be also nice to have support if new users would like to use crypto-currencies. Could be a nice pull-factor for future users to switch to ERPnext. The list of supported cryptocurrencies is here: Might be useful to try one or two as well.

In general, I think it would be really great (and more sustainable and stable), if the exchange rate API is not hardcoded but instead if ERPnext could support the specification of the API directly on the UI. In case the API shuts down, other currencies are needed, the accuracy is not sufficient etc., one could easily change to the wanted API on the UI.
I don’t have enough experience on creating such forms, but I guess it could be done pretty much analogous to the SMS API, where a custom API can be specified (SMS Settings).

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Thats whats needed

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