Is there any thing with erpnext could cause This site can’t be reached

hello every one erpnext was working very well until yesterday i was working on e-mails and o have changed the “scheduler_interval”: “30”
and it working good for 10 minutes
but i suddenly found this error This site can’t be reached from chrome i’ve tried many browsers but i couldn’t open erpnext
i think it might be my server error because i notice that i used 85% of ram
my server info is
OpenStack KVM
1 vCore(s)
2.4 GHz
Local RAID 10

is it could be from my server or something with erpnext ?

Check to see if mariadb is running. It may have stopped due to low ram.

Also check to see if you have swap disk.

If you answered no to both. Then, do the following:

  1. Setup a 2GB swap disk.

  2. Restart

Good Luck.

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