Is there any way I can use PUT requests in webhooks?


I am new to Frappe/ERPNext and I am loving it.

I am going through the following documentation to create a webhook.
I understood that, we can use POST requests in Webhooks. I am wondering if there is any way to use PUT requests.

Here is my requirement:

  1. Whenever a Sales Order is created, it will be auto-assigned to the user using one of the Assignment Rules (ToDo doc will be created with the Assignment Rule).
  1. I would like to change the “owner” of the Sales Order with the assigned user.
    I am trying to create a webhook whenever a ToDo doc is created for Sales Order.


Never mind,

I used the following “Server Script” to fulfill my requirement.

if doc.reference_type=="Sales Order":
    service_order = frappe.get_doc('Sales Order',doc.reference_name)