Is there any way to add discounts for different item

Hi all,

In pricing rule can we add discount for different item at a time.
for example:if we are buying a pen and pencil the discount should be applied.or else
if we are buying pen only no need to apply the discount.

please help me
Thank you

Hi @vivin_joseph,

Go through these links

@shraddha Thanks for the reply.
But in this link the discount is applicable to only the particular item buying two or more.
I need to get the discount if the customer is buying two different items he or she get 10% discount.
Thank you

Hi @vivin_joseph! This feature is not yet in ERNext. You may opt to add customization to tweak the default code for this (as it only caters one item for every price rule and cannot select more) or you may request a feature enhancement in GitHub.

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