Is there any way to contribute other languages for the documentation?

I hope to translate some documentation to Chinese and contribute to the communitiy. But I found that the repository is archived. Also, translating on the web is not convenient. Does someone know the way to do this?


I’m not 100% sure about this, but I think you can add translations over at (after creating an account). If that’s not the case, I guess you could join the official Telegram help group and ask someone from the Frappe team there.

I think that’s a good idea, thanks bro :grinning:

Besides, I’ve tried this site which only has ERPNEXT translations:sweat_smile:

Mr. @szufisher did a lot of Chinese translation work.

@Gaojingxing_Joey welcome to join our local QQ discussion group ERPNext中文社区 541514022

Definitely, you can add documentation in the language of your choice.

Visit Introduction

you can connect with Hasnain ( and he will add the language here.

Also refer to this webinar and jump to 37:00.