Is there any way to merge Sales Invoices?

I want to merge a few sales invoices to generate a smmurized Invoice of a customer which includes all the invoices and payments in it.

This is required as we are on a Health Care section. I want to provide a summurized invoice to the patient at the time of discharge. How to achieve that ?

@Tribikram_Sahu you can generate a report and add a print format to it to look like an invoice .


Hi, Thanks for the reply, but I doubt if there’s an option to create a Print Format fr any report! Please let me know if there’s any :slight_smile:

@Tribikram_Sahu hello . you can indeed customize print format for a script report . just add a.html file alog with other files . here is the documentation

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Alternately, if you wanted to do it client-side without need for a custom app, you could always define a new print format for the customer doctype and poll open invoices from there.

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Thank you so much this worked!