Is there any way to set Basic Access Authentication on ERPNext?

For example:

Not out of the box. Bot I am not sure this is a widely used system these days.

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Hello, I’m evaluating several products and login through ldap/basic auth is one of the things I always check first.

When using reverse proxy systems, one can opt to let users authenticate on the proxy. The proxy then passes the credentials as basic auth to backend servers if successfull. This allows you to completely shield the backend from unauthenticated users (and do other things to add security/encryption) while still making sure the end user only logs in once to the system.

I’m fairly sure this is still widely used, and much software does support this.

Yes ERPNext supports LDAP out of the box. And also 2-factor authentication (coming soon!)

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Mozillla offers an overview of the authentication process flow works here