Is there any way to set one-off items?

I’m new to ERPNext, and I like this powerful platform very much . I came across a problem with inventory management. You know, some items, such as art work or collections, are unique, so the items which were sold should be off shelf forever. I know I can “disable” the items I don’t need anymore mannuly. However I’m wondering if there is a way to do that automatically? It is not easy to handle tens of such changes everyday. Thanks.

In case you are maintaining them as Stock Items, a delivery note would be created make the stock zero.

Thanks for reply. There is no problem with setting the stock zero. But what I mean is that the items out of stock are still showed in the drop-down list when making new forms, unless I disable the item in warehouse manually. Because the items I maintain is one-off, no more stock will be filled in once the item is sold out, I’m looking for a way to hide or disable the items with zero stock automatically.

You would have to write custom js for it. Please see the link, you may find it useful

Thanks, the link looks useful. I’m trying to understand how the custom js works in erpnext, it seems powerful but also complex for a newbie like me.