Is there any way to use ERPNext without Account module?


I have one custumer, that don’t want use Account, like Chart of Accounts, they want to use a “simple” account system, without Balance and etc…

Can I disable that? Is I disable, these make any trouble to ERPNext?

Currently , this functionality is not available.

Hello Fellipe,

You can disable Accounts (or any other module for that matter) in ERPNext.

To disable specific module, go to:

Setup >> Settings >> Show/Hide Modules

Also ensure that no user has Accounts User and Accounts Manager’s
permission is assigned.

Did the procedure to deactivate modules change over time? Seems like I can’t find the option!

Is it dependent on a certain mode of ERPNext, like developer vs. production?

The show/hide cards as mentioned do not show the entire module on screen for the user. However, you can’t disable it completely from the system. It will still be accessible to the system manager/admin.

Indeed the accounts module is integral to the way ERPNext works. Every time you make a Sales Invoice or a Purchase Invoice, it needs the accounts module to complete the transaction. Plus if you wish to enable Perpetual Inventory, every Stock Transaction has to have a corresponding accounting transaction - though it does not make sense to enable Perpetual Inventory but have no use for the Accounts Module.

Your best bet is to ignore the accounts module. Or let your users use the accounts module, but ensure that everybody knows that the Official System of Records is Quick Books / MYOB/ Xero or whatever.

Hope this helps.



Thanks for your replies. Accounting is one of the few things that’s done by our headquarters, that’s why we have absolutely no use for it.

Concerning hiding the module: OK, I am using the German translation, but still I am absolutely unable to find this structure

or anything that looks like a German translation of that in any of the submenus.

I have settled for the official production VM for tests and my new working installation on Ubuntu 18.04.5 to start adapting etc.

Those instructions are six years old, which is an eternity in ERPNext time! :slight_smile:

Those mechanisms don’t exist anymore, because the user interface “desk” has been completely redefined since that post was made. It’s not possible to remove accounting entirely because too much depends on it behind the scenes. But, you can remove user-facing links to accounting in the Desk Page definitions, as mentioned by @michelle, or you can block access to the accounting module on a user-basis in the User document.

The better approach is to combined all the above suggestions:

  • Don’t assign Account related Role (Accounts User, Accounts Managers) to any user.
  • Let the Account module exist for (passive) repository of transactions related to accounting (Invoices, Orders, etc). And since no one is having the Accounts role, no one can access it.
  • Hide the module so no one can access it visually (from Desk and from User Permissions)
  • Anyway, if and when required, Administrator and System Manager can still access it.

Well another big thank you to everyone answering, this makes things very clear. :+1: