Is there anyone offering installation service?

I’ve managed to install erpnext on 2 VPS to test and it all seems fine but within the past few days there always seems to be some sort of issue coming up, some error here and there that goes away when I bench restart or reboot the server.

I want to officially install on a dedicated server for my business but don’t want to risk it all with all these errors, is there anyone that I can pay to install everything for me without any errors and explain to me some things?.

I would really appreciate it

If you click on the Buy Support link on top of this page, you can see if ERPNext will quote installation on a VPS. There is also a Partners link where you might find a company to help you. You can also try using the ERPNext jobs board to find freelance help.

What specific error are you encountering? so far on my hostinger vps i didn’t have any errors on the system.