Is there anyone with ERPNext Saas Module

Is there anyone with ERPNext Saas Module

How about you edit that question? The way it reads at the time I post this is not altogether clear.

A module that Tracks Saas? Offers Saas? What do you want it to track? KPI’s? Import User data? Be a paid ai module(millions of mediocre ones out there)?

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The question quite clear , saas module is quite a very popular feature in many softwares

No it is not clear.

All Saas(and your company on top of that) have their own unique needs and KPI’s. I bet I could track almost everything you want with just custom doctypes and API in Erpnext.

Do you want a module that handles sales of Saas? You didn’t ask for that.
Do you want a module that provides a frontend for the Saas? You didn’t ask for that either.

There is no “one size fits all” here. It depends on the Saas. If anything, erpnext is the one size fits all. From your question, I’m not sure you understand the interworkings of erpnext and how it works and what it tracks. Best read the documentation and youtube videos and ask specific questions on how you want your workflow to look like.

l think you dont know definition of Saas Module , multi-tenancy

SaaS is not multi-tenancy, and neither multi-tenancy nor SaaS is ‘Module’

I’m a software developer, so multitenancy is a given. However, you still haven’t made it clear: do you want to run ERPNext as a SaaS and become an implementor, or do you want to host a SaaS with ERPNext as the front end, utilizing the Frappe framework (built on Python) for the backend. Utilize the Db? Track KPI?

Are you getting erpnext confused with frappe framework, and really asking for a custom app instead of a limited module inside erpnext?

This distinction is critical and impacts customization. With respect, you are NOT clear.
There are literally thousands of ways to do this.

Ask chatgpt and read the documentation so that you understand erpnext better. Then, maybe, come back with questions.

There isn’t a saas module inbuilt in erpnext because that is both too niche and far too broad in the same stroke. Every Saas has very different needs.
But all of them need to track profitability, which you can already do in erpnext.

Hi Jake
Is there any way to do the Saas in erpnext
I have a Server I want my customer to enter my server and install erpnext for there company by themself

Now if customer ask the erpnext from me I ceate a copy on erpnext and do all things after that i send the link to him
is there a way to make the customer install a copy of erpnext for themself
I don not know a lot of Sass but I think that’s the job for Sass

Yes? If I understand your question correctly, you are asking me if you can essentially create frappe cloud to which I say, yes. Absolutely you can.

A homebrew way would be using different tools like kubernetes/ansible/bash/nginx/erpnext api(for things like company name) all gathered from a web form you make clients fill out. This webform could even be made from your own frappe/erpnext website.

OR, you could look into frappe press

But to answer your question further, is there an easy way to do this…
No there’s not. :laughing:
Be prepared to take a few weeks, if not a few months, to learn how to do this.


If you had just a small number of customers and communicated it was a “trial”, you could probably get by just creating a script that automated a bench site from a form, doing something like

Then migrate over the next few days to their domain. You could utilize your own erpnext subscription tracking for trial/payment

It would get you in business faster, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a long-term solution. It would be very hands-on.

Yes that what i meant
I will search for it
Please if you know sites or youtube channels explaining this SaaS please share with me
Thank you

Chatgpt must have combed through erpnext, because it knows a LOT about frappe and erpnext v15.

If i were you, I would buy a couple months of it. Then ask it what you want.

It’s not perfect. Dont trust it. But it will set you on the right path.