Is there anyway to close a Task or Issue when to-do is closed?

In the ERPNext when we open a new Task or Issue or something else and when we assign it to someone system will create a new todo for that person this is great however when the user closes the todo or comment on the todo things are not shown in the real task or issue objects.

There is any way to link them?

It can be enough if only we can fire a notification to the user when s/he tries the close the todo or comment on it that s/he needs to comment on the real object if s/he want other people to see the comment.

Thanks for helping.

Is there any way to create notification when a user click on comment box? In To-Do section?

Yes, I think there should be a link that if we close the original document, the assignment document should be closed.

We are also facing the same, in our support team if someone assigns an issue to others it creates todo, but if they close the issue assignments todo did not close. So, It is time-consuming as support team have to close their issue as well as todo assignment.

Facing same issue between event and todo - any update on how to resolve this? :frowning:

Would really appreciate if someone could shed some light here