Is there anyway to order data in link field of dialogue box

Is there any to order data in the link field of dialogue box

var dialog = new frappe.ui.Dialog({
        title: __("abc"),
        fields: [
                "fieldtype" : "Link", 
                "options"     : "box",
                "value"     : id,
                "label"     : __("Box Name"),
                "fieldname" : "Box Name",
                "fieldtype" : "Link",
                "reqd"         : 1,
                "options"     : "My Doctype",
                "filters"    : {"status":"unassigned"},
                "label"     : __("Select Location"),
                "order by" : "asc"

            {"fieldtype":"Button",     "label": __("Assign"),     "fieldname": "assign"},

i tried above code but i got normal or un ordered data in link field

i wish to know is there anyway to order the data in link field in ascending or descending order.

please help